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Attention Florida Farmers:

Seeking Collaboration for

Key Farming Insights 


My name is Wilfrid Florestant, and I'm currently deep-diving into a pivotal research study as part of my Doctorate of Business Administration degree from North Central University. I'm reaching out with an invitation for Florida farmers to play a crucial role in shaping this research about the farming industry. 

Research Objective:

To understand how bioengineering technology may be the solution to many problems that climate change has triggered and that threaten the survivability of all living species on the planet. To reiterate, excessive heat, floods, and major weather events are consequences of climate change that humans must learn to solve, keeping the earth livable for future generations. These events have affected the ability of traditional farming to meet the demand for food production besides the natural microorganisms in soil which have proven detrimental to farming.

This study is significant because it will determine if perceptions of bioengineering have been impactful and safe in agriculture as a solution to many of those problems from climate change. To get a comprehensive view, I'm looking to connect with 30 seasoned farming professionals who've been in the farming realm for at least three years. 


How You Can Help:

I am conducting brief virtual interviews, lasting 15 minutes. These interviews will revolve around a concise set of 8 questions designed to uncover pivotal insights. 


In Return:

I will ensure you receive a detailed report of my findings. Furthermore, recognizing the potential value this holds for the Florida Farmers community, I'm offering explicit permission for you to publish and disseminate these insights. Collaborating with you would undoubtedly enrich my research, offering a depth that would be hard to achieve otherwise. I genuinely hope you would consider this request. If the prospect sounds intriguing, please click the link below to set up a call at a time that works best for you. Thank you immensely for considering this partnership. I'm hopeful for the insights we can uncover together! 

Farm Field

If you have any questions regarding my research, please feel free to submit the form below.

Thanks for submitting! Please feel free to share this site with anyone who may be interested in participating.

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