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Hour of Me

The purpose of the Hour of Me is to dedicate the first hour of each weekday (6-7am EST ) to yourself. There is no agenda and no coaching will take place. Think of it as an accountability group. Start your day by setting yourself up for success!!

So what will we be doing during this hour....That is up to you. Maybe use this time to work on your business, maybe create content, check emails, read a book, do some personal development, mediate, workout, meal plan, create action plans for the decide what you need. I have been practicing this Hour of Me for years.

Normally, I spend my first 20 minutes listening to an encouraging video on youtube, then I spend 20 minutes working on one task for my business, then I spend the last 20 minutes working out (a run, walk, yoga, meditation). Most days I will share my screen so you can also listen in to any encouraging videos or music that I play.

Cameras are off and so are may communicate in the chat if you want. I am inviting you to participate in an effort to help with time management to meet the goals you have set for yourself as well as develop healthy habits.

Maxfield Enterprises , LLC_Hour of Me (1).png
Maxfield Enterprises , LLC_Hour of Me (1).png

Set Yourself Up for a
Successful Day

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